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How to freeze shellfish?

Posted On: Jul 1, 2021

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How to freeze shellfish?

You can freeze oysters and clams already shucked but is better in their shell.
Wash the shells and place live shellfish in moisture resistant safe food bags or containers.
If you want to shuck the shellfish, wash them, discard any shellfish that have died, you can identify by touching or tapping the shells that are slightly open, if they close, they are alive. Keep the liquid of the oysters or clams when you are shucking them and remove any pieces of shell.

You can use a strainer to save the liquid (liquor).

If you want, rinse the oysters or clams to remove any dirt or sand. Place the already shucked clams or oysters in the container and cover them with their liquid, use cold water if there is not enough liquid, leave about a half inch headspace, seal it and it is ready to be frozen.